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Welcome to the PunnyFarm!

We offer a huge selection of funny mugs with something for everyone, and all with free shipping. From classic puns to humorous sayings, you will find the funniest tshirts and mugs around that tickle your funny bone, make you roll your eyes or snort out loud. If you like dad jokes, nerd humor, and are into shenanigans, you’ve come to the right place.

Our mugs in both white and black are perfect for you but also make a great gift for that special humorous person in your life. Want to surprise that favorite teacher? Check out our tortoise mug. Got a musical anti-social friend? Take a look at our IDGAF mug. Know that ancient alien theorist? Take a peek at our alien mugs. Whether you’re into science jokes, animal puns, adult humor, or sporting fun, there is something at the PunnyFarm that will make you snort out loud.


With a new joke added weekly, you’ll need to keep coming back for more. You’ll never run out of funny tops to browse through. And even if you’re not looking to buy a tshirt, just browse for the fun of it. Everyone needs a good laugh now and then.


There really is something for everyone at the PunnyFarm.

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